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Trilok Gurtu recorded Living Magic in 1991, again for CMP label. It was his second album with noticeable performances from Jan Garbarek on saxophone and Nana Vasconselos on percussion. Album pushed Trilok Gurtu further in jazz world.

Crazy Saints in 1993 for CMP, featured Pat Metheny and Joe Zawinul.

Trilok Gurtu was firmed at the position of best percussionist in the world after Downbeat named him best in 1994, 1995 and 1996.

His unique approach to percussion and drumming around a "floor kit" including cymbals, hi-hats, snares, toms and congas, Indian tabla and dhol drums, gongs, blocks, cowbells and his infamous bucket of water (into which he immerses resonating instruments to astonishing effect).

Trilok Gurtu’s fourth solo project Believe in 1995 for CMP, is a recording with his regular band which includes bassist Chris Minh Doky, keyboard player Daniel Goyone and guitarist David Gilmore. This was a real world band with Vietnamese bassist, French keyboard player and American guitarist.

Live recordings from two concerts at the Stadtgarten in Germany were issued as Bad Habits Die Hard in 1996 on CMP label.

Current band of Trilok Gurtu is world one as well. The Glimpse consists of a Bulgarian flautist, a Indian-American singer, Swedish bass player, and a South Indian veena player. Band is completely acoustic and recent recording is The Glimpse in 1997 for Verve.

  biography of Trilok Gurtu
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Trilok Gurtu
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"The biggest reasons for his success, are his hunger for learning, his ability to inspire other musicians who work with him and, finally, his humility. Never does he try to hog the glory or step into the limelight. He would rather let his music do all the talking."

Niranjan Zaveri

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