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Cuban trumpeter Jesus Alemany and his all-star band "Cubanismo" played for more than three hours in front of 2500+ people on their concert in Split. They appeared on stage after McCoy Tyner's "The Latin All-Stars", around 11.00 PM.

Debut album "Cubanismo" was unexpectedly successful in America, reaching 10th place on 1996 Tropical & Salsa chart of Billboard. Critics were delighted as well. All tracks on the record are Cuban dances like rumba, dan/on, son, cha-cha, pa'ca among others. It is instrumental record for most of the time, relying on trumpet as a "voice" as it has always been in Cuban music.

Jesus Alemany was born in Guanabacoa; place where many of the finest Cuban musicians came from: Rita Montaner, Bota de Nieve and Ernesto Lecuona to name a few. Jesus Alemany studied at conservatory and with his uncle as well.At the age of fifteen Jesus Alemany began playing in carnival cam-parsas, and was invited to join "Sierra Maestra". With them Jesus Alemany travelled all over the world: Japan, Africa Europe, Latin America.

Cuban music always had great influence on jazz. Jazz drummers rely on tradition of Cuban drummers in Harlem during '40s. That sound helped jazz to evolve from swing into modern jazz music. In 1959 US embargo broke this musical link and Cuban musicians like Jesus Alemany have been educated in this isolation which in some way helped for musical roots of Cuban music to stay clean.

Jesus Alemany now lives in London, England and is one of the most respected Cuban musicians of our times.

  biography of Jesus Alemany
Statue of Grgur Ninski in Split

McCoy Tyner

Jesus Alemany

Diana Krall

Michael Brecker

Trilok Gurtu
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"Jesús Alemany, a precise and charismatic trumpeter with the regal bearing of Miles Davis and the funky precise flow of Fats Navarro." (Village Voice)

"Cubanismo´s electrifying performance underscored the incredible depth of music that has sprung from Cuba this century." (Boston Herald)

"The band smokes like a fine cigar..." (Downbeat, March 1996)

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