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  Michael Brecker Quartet
Statue of Grgur Ninski in Split

McCoy Tyner

Jesus Alemany

Diana Krall

Michael Brecker

Trilok Gurtu
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Michael Brecker performed on "1. Jazz Festival" with his Quartet featured on "Two Blocks From the Edge", except Jeff "Tain" Watts was not available for the tour, so Ralph Peterson stepped in behind the drums. Connection between Michael Brecker and Joey Calderazzo on piano was obvious during whole concert, while bass of James Genus provided both with firm ground without overwhelming music. Ralph Peterson showed some powerful drumming during concert, but a bit too loud sound stepped in the way of music few times.

Powerful and always clear sound of Michael Brecker's tenor saxophone erupted from stage. Sitting mere three meters away from this master of his instrument, I was constantly amazed by lightness by which he obtained every sound. Playing mainly tunes from "Two Blocks From The Edge" Michael Brecker gave audience what they have came for; straight ahead jazz that will certainly stand the test of time.

This was the last concert on "1. Jazz Festival" and was held on 8 June 1998 in Croatian National Theatre. It was a pleasure to hear Michael Brecker and his companions in action. I hope I'll have a chance to hear them again.
Michael Brecker
tenor saxophone

Joey Calderazzo

James Genus

Ralph Peterson

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